Anzac Day

2019 Anzac Day

The following is a list of Massed Band tunes which will be played by the Massed Pipes and Drums at Anzac Day in Sydney on the 25th April 2019

This list provides audio files for drummers to practice the required drum scores including unison drumming prior to Anzac Day. This will ensure all players are up to date with the correct drum scores which will provide an overall higher quality of performance.

These links in RED also provide PDF Copies which can be downloaded and used in music folders or at band practices in preparation for Anzac Day.

The order of play will be as follows: 

SET 1: Scotland the Brave & The Rowan Tree (Massed Bands 4/4 Marches)

(PDF Download)

SET 2: A Hundred Pipers & Bonnie Dundee (Massed Bands 6/8 Marches twice through)

(PDF Download).

SET 3: Marie’s Wedding & The 42nd Highlanders (Massed Bands 2/4 Marches twice through)

(PDF Download)

SET 4: Thomas Sanders & Leaving Liverpool (Massed Bands 4/4 Marches twice through)

(PDF Download)

Set 5: Barren Rocks of Aden & Brown Haired Maiden (Massed Bands 2/4 Marches twice through)

(PDF Download)

Set 6: The Green Hills of Tyrol & When The Battle’s O’er (Massed Bands 3/4 Marches twice through)

(PDF Download)

PLEASE NOTE:  The most senior drum corps on the day will play the leading parts. Please ensure all unison parts are practiced and memorised.