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Drum Corps Profile  –  Sept/Oct 2019  

Current Drum Corps Members:

Drum Major – Michelle Davidge, Drum Sergeant – Steve Dorse, Drum Corporal – Clare Murphy, Bass – Jessie Smith, Tenor – Donald McGregor and Sarai Lindsay, Side – Sophie Wells, Glen Ironman, Ken McLeish and Ashlee Hedrick.


NSW Police Pipe Band Drum Corps [Est 1946]         –       July 2019 Profile

The Drum Corps of the NSW Police Pipe Band has been experiencing a period of growth in recent years and currently consists of (8x) snares and (4x) mid-section drummers. 
Travelling to Scotland in 2017 for the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo saw significant growth in the Drum Corps.  Intense pre Tattoo preparations as well as a month in Edinburgh saw significant development in skills including corp and ensemble drumming, sight-reading, stamina, and drill.  
The Band has the privilege of travelling to the NSW Police Force Academy Goulburn for at least 3x overnight trips per year to take part in Attestation Parades.  This long time tradition affords the opportunity to perform with the NSW Police Concert Band in an ensemble of approximately 50 musicians playing traditional Highland tunes.  Members taking part in these parades are provided with a generous allowance for each attendance.
Other regular events include performing by invitation of the Governor at Government House, representing the NSW Police Force on ANZAC Day and a variety of community events like the Bundanoon Highland Gathering.  
The members of the drum corps find it a rewarding experience serving the NSW Police Force and community while working as part of a cohesive ensemble who share the joy of performing Highland music in a band with proven leadership and sound corporate governance. The foreseeable future of the drum corps is encouraging.
The Band has several major sponsors including our most important client; the NSW Police Force.  We are blessed to be well supported financially which means less time on fund raising and more time to focus on major events and preparation for competition.
We are currently learning new scores for a major event later in the year and are looking to attend further international events such as the Basel Tattoo, performances in Asia and returning to Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Scotland around our 75th Anniversary Year.
Any drummers who are interested in joining the band or just visiting us to see a practice session are welcome to join us at our practice venue  – Western Suburbs Australian Rules Club –  7:30pm Tuesday evenings 40 Hampton Street, Croydon Park NSW.
For more information and history about the band please visit our websiteFacebook or Instagram page. 
Inquires about the band are welcomed and may be made through the Band Secretary at: nswpolicepipeband@gmail.com



Welcome to our very first featured monthly Drum Corps series –                                                                                        The Parramatta Caledonian Pipe Band.              –                  June 2019 Profile