Products You May Need to Purchase

When starting out as a learner drummer with a pipe band, you will need to consider purchasing the following items to help you in your development and progress through the Learning and Devlopment stages.

Once you have these items, you will be able to use the NSW Pipe Band Drummers Group web site to get started with the basics of snare, tenor and bass drumming. Just click on the snare, tenor or bass blue links on the New Learners page in the menu. 

Items you will require are, drum sticks, a practice pad, a folder for your printed music, a metronone to keep time (you can use an APP on your smart phone for this), and a diary to keep track of your progress.   

These items can be purchased from some of the following  suppliers in Australia:

Drumming Mad

Drumming Australia

Australian Pipe Band Supplies

St Kilda Retail Australia

Ozscot Bagpipes & Highland Supplies